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A. D. very birdy..the whole park !!!

I finished at this park around 1 p.m....I started early at 7 a.m....left shortly after getting there..because of I was gone about 1.5 hrs...then returned and birded between storms...I saw at least 60-70 Ovenbirds or more..Other highlights...quite a few Prairie Warblers....Chestnut-sided(2)...Baltimore Oriole...Female or immat. Rose- breasted Grosbeak.....Orange crowned Warbler..Swainson's Warbler...A thrush not seen well..with a fairly bright red-brown tail (will have to look it up)...Blackburnian...Yellow-throated Vireo's (2)...Red-eyed Vireo's.(many)...Black throated Blues (many and more males than females)...A beautiful red-tailed Hawk..being chased by small birds..(the tail was Very red)...heard a Blue and Yellow Macaw..several Black and White Warbler's....Many American Redstarts..with males predominating...Also more common birds I won't list...Lots of birds there!!!


Joseph Montes de Oca
about 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna head to my local spot (FIU) and hope to replicate some of your sightings! It's amazing learning about how the weather impacts migration numbers. I've been stalking ebird checklists to see how different locations do with the storms when they come overnight but it's nice to have somebody give a report here.

about 1 year ago

The military base was insane with birds today. Wilson's warbler and western tanager were highlights! Oven birds were allover the place.

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