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A good day at John U. Lloyd State Park...

I had dipped on the Spotted Towhee on three previous trips to John U. Lloyd State Park, but this morning I finally got a brief look at it in a ficus tree northeast of the dirt mound. That was Florida bird #421 for me. I also had seven species of warblers in this area, including Prothonotary, Blackpoll, and many Cape Mays. As I was leaving the spur trail, I found the Key West Quail Dove. After watching it at close range for a couple of minutes, I rounded up all the birders I could find and took them back to the spot. I believe most of them were able to get on the bird and some got nice photos. When last seen (around 10 a.m.) the Quail Dove was just beyond the rope barrier and a little to the east, fairly close to the area where the Spotted Towhee has been seen.


Brian Rapoza
about 1 year ago

Congratulations, Jim! Your persistence paid off.

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