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Aerial Images of Miami in 1938

I'm not done yet but I'm stitching together some aerial photographs from the UF Digital Collections website (you can see each individual image in detail here:,-80.52202458164993,25.65761991333506,-80.2822494506836 . The images ("tiles") start from Northeast Miami (around Miami Springs/above Miami International Airport) and go south to around Cutler Bay and then cut a bit west of the first set of images going back north and then back south after reaching the northern set of images. I don't know if anybody has already stitched them together, if so please share the link and spare me the trouble! It's not perfectly stitched together since the images don't combine perfectly (I'm sure the plane couldn't hold the exact altitude throughout the entire flight). This is a great way to see what was a hardwood hammock/pine rocklands/sawgrass marsh before we started populating Dade County! I hope we "Hold the line" and don't keep cutting into the Everglades...


Juan Valadez
10 months ago

This is incredible. Thank you for doing this.

Joseph Montes de Oce
10 months ago

Glad you like it, Juan! I'll be reposting updated versions on Flickr (I just added one that has a bit more of the western portion of Miami in 1938 with some labels added to it). If you or anybody you know wants the full size file (it shows up resized on Flickr), let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.

Jeanne Kaufman
10 months ago

It was wonderful to see those old aerial photos, Joe, and you've put in a lot of effort, which is much appreciated. It was interesting to pick out the area where I live now by Cartagena Circle, the Matheson Hammock and old Tahiti Beach area, and even the area where my childhood home, in South Miami, was ultimately built. I enjoyed looking at all of the photo links on the website you posted, and seeing the progression over the years. The landscape certainly has changed. Thanks for posting this.

Joseph Montes de Oca
10 months ago

Jeanne, I'm glad you liked it. It really is amazing! When I have some more free time I'm going to keep adding to it. It goes further west than I thought so that will be interesting to see as well.

Mary Collins
10 months ago

I loved seeing what Fairchild Tropical Garden looked like in 1938. Thanks for posting this, Joseph!

9 months ago

As far back as the 1900's, J.K. Small was bemoaning the destruction to the hammocks and the loss of precious rare plants...And the decimation continues! Thanks for posting these photos; I wish we could undo so much of what developers have done including the canals!
I stopped by the bird board so I could tell my bio students about it. So many awesome birds this year! Goldfinches, cedar waxwings...flickers!

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