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Alder Flycatcher RFI

Good afternoon,

Hurricane permitting, I would like to try to find one or more of the Alder Flycatchers that have been found at "The Annex" for the past several years. I know to walk the road south from "Lucky Hammock" to beyond the second yellow gate, but I don't know anything beyond that. It has been years since I have been south of "Lucky Hammock," and at that time, you were permitted to drive quite a ways south.

So, roughly how far south of the first gate is the second gate, and roughly how far south of the second gate should we be watching and listening for the Alders?

Valeri Ponzo and I will probably try for the flycatchers Friday evening and again Saturday morning.

Thanks for any specific info.

Bill Pranty


Brian Rapoza
22 days ago

I birded Aerojet Road this morning and had no problem finding Alder Flycatchers in The Annex (the area between the 2nd and 3rd gates). Their vocalizations were very conspicuous. It's about a 0.75 mile walk from the 1st to the 2nd gate (the Lucky Hammock area) and another 0.8 mile walk to the 3rd gate. I heard an Alder's "fee-beer" vocalization as soon as I passed the 2nd gate. I heard Alders giving "pip" calls all the way to the 3rd gate. I walked just a short distance past the 3rd gate. I only saw one Alder on the walk down, but saw four on the way back. I encountered only moderate numbers of mosquitoes and deer flies along the way.

My eBird checklist for the Annex is at

Bill Pranty
22 days ago

Good afternoon Brian,

Thanks so much!

My best,


Bill Pranty
18 days ago

Thank you, Brian.

Val and I found 4 Alder Flycatchers yesterday, all along the east-west road immediately south of the second gate. 3 were on the few trees about 200 feet west of Aerojet Road, and 1 was in the larger "hammock" accessed by following the same trail south. Only 1 was vocal but we heard a clear, loud "pip."

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