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Are the Palm Rats attracted to feeders

In Southwest FL will a feeder attract the “palm rats” (I think this what they are called?) that tend to come out at night? If they do is there a feeder or approach that will avoid this? Thank you.


Stephen Paez
3 months ago

The “Palm Rats” are really Black Rats. They do love the palms. And they do love the seeds at feeders. They usually hit the feeders at night.

Phil Schneidermeyer
3 months ago

Thank you Stephen. I appreciate your knowledge.

Joe Barros
3 months ago

I have had many feeders over the years and yes, the rats are very much attracted to easy pickens. Whether it be a squirrel or a rat the way to keep the critters from visiting your feeder is 1) to use distance so that they can not swing onto or jump to the feeder and 2) to use some kind of baffle so that they cannot climb on or climb up to the feeder. I have the Sky Cafe feeder and the Sky Cafe baffles and have had success with feeders that had varmints visit and then not when the baffle was added.

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