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Bahama Mockingbird @ Bill Baggs Cape FL SP

Hey all,

Late yesterday morning (7/9) I heard a Bahama Mockingbird while walking the nature trail at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne, Florida. I was leading group of non-birders when I encountered the singing bird, but could not stay to get a visual. After wrapping up the site visit, I went back to where I had heard the mockingbird, and after a few minutes I had it perched just overhead. After a minute or two it moved over to the parking area, where I again located the bird by its song. It stayed high in Green Buttonwoods along the edge of the parking area, but eventually came down and put on a show for me.

For anyone interested in seeing the bird, I have included the coordinates to the parking area where I last saw it. 25.6757404,-80.1606368
Luis Gles photographed the bird later in the afternoon, along the west side of the parking area.

A link to the eBird checklist is included.

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