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Hi Birders:

Thanks for welcoming me, a fledgling bird nerd as part of your flock. Please take 5 minutes to help TAS support the birding trips, bird board service, and more you already enjoy, the programming that helps us connect young people to birds and their habitat and the conservation and advocacy work we do on your (and the birds' behalf).


#GiveMiamiDay is TODAY!
Thursday, November 16, midnight-11:59pm

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, South Florida comes together for a day of on-line giving.
Last year, more than 19,000 donors (like You!) gave more than $9.1 million dollars to more than 660 local non-profit organizations.

1-day-only DIY

Starting at 12:00am, Thursday November 16 thru 11:59pm, you may give directly on the website. Only gifts made directly on that website qualify for a boost by The Miami Foundation. We will soar with your help.

Why #GiveMiamiDay? Because your Gift has Wings

Giving a little something to the Birds this Thursday goes further than on any other day of the year thanks to funding boosts by the Miami Foundation and their supporters. Please continue to support TAS’s important conservation, advocacy, education, communications and community-building work. We protect clean water and habitat for Birds and people, too!

Link to our #GiveMiamiDay page

Here is a link to copy and paste to your browser:

Beautiful Rub-Throated Hummingbird


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