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Can anyone id this bird? It was seen in Jupiter Farms this morning.


Brian Rapoza
6 months ago

It looks like a Northern Flicker.

Ernie Cantelmo
6 months ago

Thanks Brian

I never would have thought that. It's dark heavy bill and overall dark coloration and posture made me think some sort of cuckoo.

Paddy Cunningham
6 months ago

The prominent white spot above the tail is a real good field mark on the perch and in flight if you can not see the yellow under the wings. On the chest the black V and spots help distinguish it from a Red-bellied WP (in Florida)

Ernie Cantelmo
5 months ago

Thanks, Paddy, for the help with the ID, particularly the field marks.
Vicky and I took a class from you a few years back and it really help us with our bird ID.

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