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Birds/Flowers/evolutionary theory

an interesting read from the NYT--replete with bird and feather illustrations


Robyn Niblock
5 months ago

It’s sad to see evolution still forced on us when the sciences when have proven it impossible.
Life never created itself. Nature cannot create DNA, RNA, etc.
Mutations are the only way evolutionists believe change comes about, but how does genetic decay create better organisms?
The dating methods have been proven inaccurate...adnausium
The fossil record shows NO transitional forms.
Stories are made from fragments...stories!
Go to or to see why evolution is a dogmatic faith. 😁

Stephen Paez
5 months ago

Thanks for posting! Fascinating read. The experience described when first seeing a Hooded Warbler reminds me of mine.

Robyn Niblock
5 months ago

I love warblers, frustrating little creatures to ID as a newbee...😁
Of course that goes for seagulls as

Rob Russell
5 months ago

Evolution is a fact; creationism is a belief system and anti-scientific as well. Birds came from dinosaurs folks.

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