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Black and white warblers

Saw one foraging in the oak trees near Tree Tops Park yesterday, thought it was too early for the warblers?


12 months ago

Some are early migrants. Louisiana Waterthrush start arriving after the first week of July, followed by others like Black-and-white. Northern Parula and Prothonotary breed in Big Cypress, and Prairie breed in the keys and mainland coast, so some never really leave. Yellow-throated is another early arrival. Most people don't realize that fall migration actually happens mostly in summer.

Justin Cheah
12 months ago

Thanks Mr. Toe!!!

Steven Kaplan
12 months ago

For the past several few years I started seeing early migrants starting Jul 14 in the NorthWest corner (Parkland) of Broward. First would come Yellow Throated then followed by the Black & Whites and then Yellow warblers mid Aug. One year I even had a Black Whiskered Vireo.
Due to construction I have not been able to get to that Tree line this year

Rock Jetty
12 months ago

Hi Justin,
As Toe and Steven said, you can expect Black-and-white Warblers to start arriving toward the end of the second week of July - usually between the 12th and the 15th.

12 months ago

Thanks so much Steve and Rock.

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