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Black and white warblers

Saw one foraging in the oak trees near Tree Tops Park yesterday, thought it was too early for the warblers?


about 1 year ago

Some are early migrants. Louisiana Waterthrush start arriving after the first week of July, followed by others like Black-and-white. Northern Parula and Prothonotary breed in Big Cypress, and Prairie breed in the keys and mainland coast, so some never really leave. Yellow-throated is another early arrival. Most people don't realize that fall migration actually happens mostly in summer.

Justin Cheah
about 1 year ago

Thanks Mr. Toe!!!

Steven Kaplan
about 1 year ago

For the past several few years I started seeing early migrants starting Jul 14 in the NorthWest corner (Parkland) of Broward. First would come Yellow Throated then followed by the Black & Whites and then Yellow warblers mid Aug. One year I even had a Black Whiskered Vireo.
Due to construction I have not been able to get to that Tree line this year

Rock Jetty
about 1 year ago

Hi Justin,
As Toe and Steven said, you can expect Black-and-white Warblers to start arriving toward the end of the second week of July - usually between the 12th and the 15th.

about 1 year ago

Thanks so much Steve and Rock.

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