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Black-faced Grassquit, Everglades National Park 7/9/17

Carmen Ferreiro posted an ID request on the Florida Birding and Rarities FaceBook page last night of a Black-faced Grassquit. This was her post,

"Hope someone can help ID. Was checking out some burn areas in Long Pine Key today, when this small bird perched itself nearby on one of the slash pines. Does anyone know what it is?"

She went on to add,

"Spotted it near the turn for the Long Pine Key Campground. There was a prescribed burn in that area. It stayed close to the road and flew from pine to pine."

Good luck to those chasing!


over 1 year ago

The grassquit coninued as of this morning. I had a brief encounter with him at 9:15am before he flew to the northeast. I continued to hear him sing in the distance but was never able to relocate. Photos attached to my eBird checklist:

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