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Blackburnian Warbler- Hollywood 12/24

I photographed a Blackburnian Warbler today in Hollywood. I was walking from my brother's house to my parent's new place in Hollywood. It was at intersection of S 20 Avenue and Plunkett Street in a mixed flock.

As usual, the neighborhoods with oaks, Black Olive and figs harbor many a mixed flock of passerines; I ran into several other warbler species, including two Cape Mays.

See the photo of the Blackburnian in the eBird checklist below.

Alex Harper


6 months ago

Great winter find. I don't think I've heard of one this late before.

Joe Montes de Oca
6 months ago

Toe, I checked your favorite site and the last record of a December blackburnian was in 1979 at Corkscrew Swamp:

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