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City Nature Challenge 2019- Miami and the upper Keys


This is a message for any nature enthusiasts who might have some free time to get out and photograph and document some of Miami-Dade County and the Florida Keys' biodiversity (down to Lower Matecumbe Key). The challenge started today at 12:00AM and is going until Monday night 11:59PM.

If you get the chance to photograph some birds, plants, insects, fungi or really any living thing, please consider uploading your photos with location data to help Miami compete in the City Nature Challenge. As it stands, we are in 14th place with 2,916 observations. We are competing with over 150 cities around the world so 14th isn't bad but maybe we can improve! All you need to do is make an account and upload your photos through the website or app. It's also great for learning about what you find since the iNaturalist community helps ID your observations.

Give it a look and if you're out birding the westerlies tomorrow, snap a photo or two or more of all those warblers and help us improve upon our position last year (27th place out of ~60 cities).
Good luck!
-Joe MDO


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