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Eastern Wood-Pewee at FIU Nature Preserve today

There have been a few reported in South Florida in the past week including on the gulf coast and at Flamingo but I don't see any in Miami-Dade yet for this year. Last year Brandon Trentler found one on August 24th (the only other early one on e-bird in Miami-Dade). My e-bird checklist has a call recording and pictures. Also saw a waterthrush which I'm hoping is Louisiana but expecting it to be Northern like the other fifty I've already seen hehehe.... I'll update the checklist once somebody confirms it (anybody care to help with the waterthrush??)


Joseph Montes de Oca
about 1 year ago

Whoops, didn't mean to post as anonymous. Also forgot to mention... no sign of the cerulean warbler from yesterday.

Robin Diaz
about 1 year ago

Great list, Joe! The recording is excellent and is an example of what many books call the Eastern Wood-Pewee "fall call."

Your waterthrush looks like a Northern with these field marks: smallish bill, crisp streaking on underparts, darker brown (than Louisiana) on upperparts, supercilium is straight, isn't bright white and doesn't flair at the back, curving slightly toward the back of the head. Streaking/no streaking under the chin can be variable. There are different populations of Northern Waterthrush, with some smaller and more yellow than others.

Joseph Montes de Oca
about 1 year ago

Robin, thanks for the info on the "fall call" I didn't know about that. Also thanks for the field marks on the Northern. It's classic trying to turn one bird into another on my part :-D. I hope I don't have to wait till next year to find a Louisiana but we'll see!

Thanks again,

Ted & Barb Center
about 1 year ago

We've had a Louisiana Waterthrush in our yard for the past 4 days. Probably same bird we had at about this time last year.

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