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eBird - Change Species Name

eBirders sometimes aren't sure of an ID and enter the sighting as "species" category. Late in 2017, eBird introduced a new checklist-editing tool: the "Change Species" button. This allows quick-and-easy transfer of data and embedded media from one entry to another, as long as there are not already data in the target species entry.

1. Open the checklist in question, click on the "Edit Species List" button. This allows access to all entries in the list.
2. Click on “Change Species” (to the right of species/category name) to move the data AND the photo.
3. Make sure that the "Entire observation" radial button is highlighted. 4. Start typing the name of the new species into the blue box under "Change species identification to." As you type, eBird gives options that match. Choose the desired bird name.
5. After the new species name is chosen, click on the green "Change" button.
6. If the checklist looks correct, click on the green "Save" button.

A more detailed tutorial is offered by Tony Leukering in the above URL link.


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