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Enchanted Forest - Selasphorus hummingbird, Nashville and Blackburnian Warblers

Hey all,

It's good to be home for a bit to eat mom's fricase de pavo and check out the old local stomping grounds. A good spread of vireos and warblers were working the area between the playground and horse stable at Enchanted Forest in North Miami. Four Cape May Warblers were in the fruiting fig near the playground, and a large flock in the area also had a Nashville and Blackburnian Warbler. The latter may be a late migrant or a possible overwintering individual. I heard a Selasphorus (Rufous or Allen's) around the northeastern corner of the horse area. I didn't put a lot of effort into seeing it due to time constraints. I also didn't check out the east side of the park.



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