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ENP Afternoon

Went to Everglades National Park this afternoon. Lots of Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures at Anhinga trail. One each dark and light phase Short Tailed Hawk. Also had the usual suspects at the trail, Double Crested Cormorants, Anhinga and a whole one Great Blue Heron with a few Cattle Egrets and several Common Egrets as well.

Pine Glades Lake had one Belted Kingfisher.

No owls found at all. One 6' Burmese Python, one 2' Burmese Python, one Green Water Snake.

Pretty depressing.



8 months ago

Yes always a bummer to see pythons. Were they on research road or main park road?

Grover Larkins
8 months ago

Main road south of Pahayokee turn off and North of Mahogany Hammock turn off.

Andrew Block
8 months ago

Bummer they are around but still cool to see them. I know where you're talking about. Were they sunning or crossing the road? In all my trips to the park at night and during the day I've never definitely seen one.

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