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Everglades Natural History March, 1953: "Bird Visitors and Northeast Winds" by Willard E. Dilley

A nice read... lots of other gems if you poke around a bit on the site.

"Bird Visitors and Northeast Winds"
Species mentioned include:
dovekie, western palm warblers, myrtle warblers, red-breasted mergansers, brants, chipping sparrow, old squaw (long-tailed duck), and....
a starling! The author mentions how it seems as though they've been reluctant to spread!

Another read from the same journal mentions a few other species and a panther sighting:

And lastly one that mostly describes glossy ibis occurrence:

In that last one there's mention of a "fire tower" south of Tamiami Trail, which led me to google search "fire tower everglades." Found a New York Times article from 1964 when Shark Valley opened:

Hope you enjoy these great reads!
-Joe MDO


Stephen Paez
11 months ago

Thanks for the attachments Joseph. Read them all. I love reading about birding and bird life in South Florida in the past. It gives me an understanding of past bird species status.

Bill Boeringer
11 months ago

very interesting, thanks!

11 months ago

Glad you guys liked it!

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