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Finally made it to Alaska

It's not Florida, but since migration isn't quite at full swing yet I thought I'd post before things get busy. Did a family cruise from Vancouver to Seward, with multiple stops along the way. While birding was not the primary purpose, I tried to pick up a bird whenever I could. Spent a lot of time on the railing of the ship. Not easy to take photos of small birds on or over the water when they're trying to get away from a 1000' cruise ship. Got ID shots though. Got 26 life birds on the trip, all expected. Dipped on two I really wanted - Laysan Albatross and Gyrfalcon. But after missing Northern Hawk Owl in Denali NP I got one on the road about 55 miles south of Fairbanks. Hope the link works.


11 months ago

OK, here's the link:

Rangel Diaz
11 months ago

Awesome series! The link doesn't work but if you copy and paste the URL you can view the photos. Now if only there was someone down here with a boat that can take us out for pelagics...

Bill Boeringer
11 months ago

Nice pics! Congrats on the lifers!

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