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for justin miller

a year ago you posted a leusistic yellow rumped warbler .i saw one today at squirrel ridge dog park gainesville fla--head white yellow throat and rump and streaked chest-thought you might like to know...bill ryan


Justin Miller
18 days ago

Thanks William. Interesting that you found another - I wonder if it's the same one, or a different one. Leucistic isn't so rare that there couldn't be another, but it could be on the move north this time of year.

I've spotted the same bird again last month, as it returned to the same park, even the same TREE, as last year - it was around here for about a month, and I last photographed it on Feb 8th
photo link -

Yours may have been a different bird if it was showing more yellow - you can see the bird I photographed has very little yellow around the tail, and just hints of it on the sides and neck.

william ryan
18 days ago

my bird was classic audubon- yellow throat and rump and mostly white face---thanks for response--send more pics to if you get lucky--

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