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Golden-winged warbler at Wakodahatchee

Strictly identification shots only - I was shooting way high into the treetops and with horrible strong backlight - I noticed one warbler mixed in with palms, yellow-rumpeds, and B&W that looked quite different...I did everything I could to get a shot of him, but only managed a few partials with missed focus and obstructions. But getting home I was able to at least ID the bird - it's a lifer for me, a golden-winged warbler. Located in the tree canopy on the north side where the sidewalk is rather than boardwalk. Spotted Saturday.

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Justin Miller
5 months ago

Golden-winged warbler re-spotted today, same exact section and even the same tree as last Saturday. West end of the tree canopy on the north side, 2nd or 3rd tree area, right hand side (facing south). Got good looks at him today around 3pm and better shots this time around.

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