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Gray Hawk sighting

I live in Miami and just saw this hawk on my street - it had just killed a dove. I looked it up and these hawks are supposed to be in So. FL. I have never seen a hawk like this before. Normally I see red shouldered Hawks in the area. It was so exciting to see this amazing bird but I don't know why it would be in So. Florida.


Brian Rapoza
29 days ago

Liz, it's much more likely that the hawk you saw was a Cooper's Hawk. Gray Hawk has never been recorded in Florida. If you are able to photograph the hawk you saw, please post the photo.

29 days ago

Hi Brian! Looked up Cooper's Hawk and the bird I saw looked more gray and the head seemed different. Maybe it was a falcon? Are they the same size as a hawk? It was raining and I was driving so unfortunately I could not take a photo. We have a pericone falcon in our neighborhood but it's much smaller than the bird I saw.

Brian Rapoza
28 days ago

Falcons are not present in south Florida at this time of year, so your bird was almost certainly a hawk. I still think it was most likely a Cooper's Hawk, but without a photo . . .

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