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Green Cay - some good stuff since reopening

Green Cay Wetlands in Delray/Boynton reopened Sep 1, 2020 having been closed for nearly a year. Though September was a little early for the migration, there were still a few early starters, and into October it's picked up significantly. Some decent sightings there, which have included:
least bittern, American bittern, barn owl, American redstart, northern parula, prairie warbler, magnolia warbler, Cape May warbler, worm-eating warbler, yellow-throated warbler, black and white warbler, common yellowthroat, great crested flycatcher, Swainson's thrush, yellow-billed cuckoo, belted kingfisher, ruby-throated hummingbird, painted bunting, and the usual variety of other herons, egrets, and other waders.
The good news is all the time away hasn't made the birds too shy - most of the migrating birds are getting quite close in the forested areas, so you can get nice closeup views or photographs of them. Just thought I'd update for PB county, for anyone who might want to wander up this way and know what's there.


Terry S Baltimore
3 months ago

Where was the Barn Owl??

Justin Miller
3 months ago

The barn owl flew right across the open water lake to the left of the main building - that lone gazebo that sits out in the middle of the water is where I was standing. It came from the trees behind that lone snag tree over by the main building, flying north into the cypress pine tree path where it disappeared. I tried to find it in the cypress tree stand, but couldn't locate it. I did get some nice in-flight shots as it went past me...

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