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Groove-billed Ani at Winding Waters

A warning. Went to look for the bird yesterday and was dismayed to see someone sat in a folding chair RIGHT next to the gumbo limbo that the bird habitually roosts in. Literally right next to it. Peering intently around with binoculars and mean mugging passers by. Unsurprisingly, did not see or hear the bird.


Sue Young
over 1 year ago

Unfortunately we don't know if the offending party was just "clueless" or just "doesn't care" . If the former, maybe they will get a clue after reading this:
The American Birding Association ( ABA ) code of ethics should be read and re-read by all birders, beginners and experienced alike. We could all benefit from a gentle reminder that we are guests in our avian friends homes. In other words:
- Be Polite
- Don't over stay your welcome
-Talk in your "indoor voice"
-Don't point
-Respect their privacy ( stay on paths, and well away from nests and roosts)

I'm sure we could all add to this list, but then why not just take a moment and re-read the ABA code of ethics?

Grover Larkins
over 1 year ago

And, to add to that -- IF you have to take a photo -- use a supertelephoto lens at least 400-500mm or longer in focal length! A cheesy 200mm is way too short for most species.

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