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Help with bird call from Shark Valley (link to audio recording)

Hi all, I was hoping to get some help with an audio recording from last Sunday at Shark Valley:
It was coming from the area south of the observation tower. I don't know how to describe it but you can also hear an American crow and white-eyed vireo calling. The call I'm curious about is audible throughout the entire recording. I can't remember if I've heard it before...



Luis Gonzalez
about 2 months ago

It sounds like the trill you sometimes hear from Killdeer when they are in distress or mating rituals

about 2 months ago

I've heard killdeer nearby before (the open area north of the bike parking near the tower) but it was calling from the trees (or the ground under dense canopy) which makes me doubt it was a killdeer.

about 2 months ago

Joe - Sometimes White-eyed Vireos make this extended, rapid scold.

about 2 months ago

Thanks, Robin! I had no idea they could call like that but I know vireos can be tricky..

Rob Thorn
about 1 month ago

I'd agree with Robin. White-eyed often have this extended scolding, especially if they've found a predator like a snake or owl. If you were just using your phone, it's a good recording.

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