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Help with Empid ID

Seen on Sept 16 at Plantation Preserve with David Hall.
Did not vocalize, behavior was more empid and less Pewee, eye-rings and wing-bars. Photos can be seen at the ebird links
thanks for any help Steven


Brian Rapoza
4 months ago

This bird has what appears to me to be a greenish back, a yellowish eye ring, a pale throat, a long, broad-based bill and a long primary projection. These field marks match Acadian Flycatcher.

Steven Kaplan
4 months ago

Thanks, I was leaning towards Acadian, I thought primary projection was to long for a Least Flycatcher

Justin Miller
4 months ago

Looks good for Acadian for me.

Last Acadian flycatcher i photographed in September 2017 at Green Cay wetlands here:

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