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Help with ID of Tanager

Hi, I only have seen two Tanagers before today. Saw two of these in the Fakahatchee Strand 1/15/2019. When reviewing the Tanagers I thought it was a Summer Tanager because they are known to overwinter in South Florida. This bird, however, appears to have black tail and wing. Please help ID. Thank you

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Luis Gonzalez
9 months ago

If it had black on the wings and tail then it was a female Scarlet Tanager, most of them migrate south, but a few of them overwinter in South Florida.

Robin Diaz
9 months ago

Thomas - Your photo seems to be of a Summer Tanager, a regular South Florida winter visitor. Note the large size and color of the bill, as well as the golden-yellow color of the plumage. Scarlet Tanager is a rare wintering bird that has a smaller bill and greenish-yellow plumage.

Thank you for sharing your photo.

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