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Hooded warblar in Key West!? Its Aug!?

Saw a poor warblar dead on the sidewalk- wondered what it was and why it was in KW in early AUG? Thanks! I have a pic on my phone but dont know bow to place it here.


Brian Rapoza
9 days ago

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As I mentioned earlier this month, southbound warblers typically begin to appear in south Florida in late July. I've already seen nine different species of migrant warblers in Miami-Dade since July 21. I haven't seen Hooded Warbler yet in Miami-Dade, but there have already been several reports on Florida's west coast. They breed as far south as Gainesville, so those birds don't have very far to go before reaching south Florida.

9 days ago

Wow thx Brian- been here all my life and cant remember seeing a migrating warblar before Sept! This one flew into a buildings window it appears- sad. Thanks for the info!

Greg Jones
9 days ago

I saw a male Hooded Warbler in Key West last August - in a little tree in front of a house on Simonton.

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