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Hotspots for Ducks

Simple question, any good hotspots around South Florida to find wintering ducks? Anything besides Blue-winged Teals and Mottled Ducks would be good to know where to find.


Justin Miller
21 days ago

Peaceful Waters in Wellington gets some different winter ducks than the eastern PB parks usually starting in December and through March or so - hooded mergansers too seem to like the place. Ruddy ducks, shovelers, lesser scaups, and green-winged teals are all fairly common there for winter. Ring-necked and wigeons are possible, and occasionally wood ducks too.

Wellington Wetlands way out west is about the only place where I've regularly found pintails each winter.

21 days ago

This is also one of the most reliable spots for wintering Canvasbacks.

Luis Gonzalez
20 days ago

Thank you Miller for the great sites that I need to check out! and which of the 2 sites are you talking about Robin?

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