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House Finches - Morningside Park

While drinking coffee and coconut water to recover from the NY celebrations at a friends house in Morningside, I had at least seven House Finches. They could be heard calling as they flew low overhead for much of my time there this afternoon around NE 52 Street just east of NE 5th Avenue. It seemed like they may have been heading to a feeder at a house on 51st Street.

This species appears to be tough in Miami-Dade, though there is a population in Ft. Lauderdale. The only other House Finch I’ve seen in northeast Miami was Biscayne Park in 2004 or so.

Heading back to work in Las Vegas and Tucson tonight. It was good to see many of you at Bill Baggs for the kingbird.

Be well,



over 1 year ago

I had a house finch visit my feeder for a few weeks fall of 2016. It was a yellow variant which I had not seen in pictures before. Got a lovely (though slightly out of focus) video of the house finch bathing in the birdbath with a greenie bunting.

Homer Gardin
over 1 year ago

I now have at least one visiting my feeders here in Cutler Bay, extreme South. Happy to see this little bird - a new one to my yard and feeders.

Homer Gardin
over 1 year ago

The little female has been a constant presence at my feeder for 3 days now. Quite aggressive it fights and competes with all the painted buntings.
Have been photographing her and have tons of photos of her

Ann Wiley
over 1 year ago

Yes, plenty of them here in Fort Laud. I've got 6 to 8 at my feeders, get along fine with the PABU. My friend has 8 or so. The house finches and PABU eat together and then arrives the nasty house sparrow and they tend to leave.

Homer Gardin
6 months ago

House Finch present at my feeders again here in Cutler Bay! 2nd year in a row

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