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How to measure nest height

Hey birders,

Does anyone have suggestions for how to measure the heights of nests? I'm a PhD studying Red-shouldered Hawks and I'd like to easily measure how high my nests are from the ground. My Master Bander uses a range finder, but looking around online, those tend to run in the hundreds of dollars. I bought a cheapo laser distance meter from Amazon but it's impossible to see the little red light in the tree.



Brian Rapoza
over 1 year ago

Donna, all you need is a measuring tape, protractor, a level and a straw. See

Judd Patterson
over 1 year ago

Hi Donna. You could also go with a clinometer and a tape. We use that combination for estimating tree heights. If this is expected to be an important covariate in your analyses I'm hoping your adviser can assist with a more accurate digital clinometer or laser rangefinder. Good luck!


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