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Hudsonian Godwit, Marbled Godwit and Whimbrel

Here is a picture of a very, very nice trio of birds! See Noah's post below! The birds were far away so I am sorry for the poor picture. I added a few others of the American Golden Plovers. A total of six American Golden Plovers!

Larry Manfredi

Dsc 1229 golden plover three Dsc 1287 hudsonian godwit Dsc 1291 hudsonian godwit Dsc 1318 american golden plover Dsc 1314 marbled hudsonian whimbrel


about 1 year ago

Congratulations you all! Beautiful photos, Larry.

Jeff Kietzmann
about 1 year ago

Outstanding finds! I wish I had enough fuel to get down there! Let's hope they stick around for awhile!

about 1 year ago

All those birds were gone two hours later thanks to a Peregrine Falcon. Thanks falcon, for ruining my chances of getting a HUGO photo. Freaking trash raptor.

Juan Valadez
about 1 year ago

Great work! Can't remember the last time a Hudsonian was down here.

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