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Hurricane Irma Canada Warbler: Country Walk (9/9)

I found an adult male Canada Warbler in my neighborhood, Country Walk (Miami-Dade Co.), a few minutes ago. Tons of other migrant activity ahead of the oncoming storm, I mostly birded in between outer band cycles.

Exact location here (although not very chaseable with Irma approaching): Dropped Pin
near 14999 SW 144th Ct, Miami, FL 33186

Stay safe out there.


Leticia de Mello Bueno
about 1 year ago

Hi. Noah-

How are you? May I share this information with National Audubon Society and Audubon Society?

If you have pics or other rarities post-Irma or post-Harvey, will you please let me share? You have my email :-)


about 1 year ago

Hi Leticia,

Sure thing. I'll email you the pics.

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