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Juvenile Cooper's Hawks

Two juvenile Cooper's hawks fledged a few days ago and today were never visited by a parent. They are strong enough to fly between 4 trees and cry incessantly for food. I read parents continue to feed their young for weeks after fledging and can't imagine why both parents would be gone for a full day. I checked on them almost every hour from 7am to 8pm and they were squawking everytime. I put 1/2 frozen raw chicken in the crotch of a tree they were in and of course they just looked at it. Any advice? I already left a message for wildlife rehaber, Lloyd Brown.


over 1 year ago

Great news, this morning I did see a third bird quietly sitting while two juvies flew around crying. Seems it was a parent trying to get kids to feed themselves?! The chicken was still there this morning.

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