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Key West Quail-Dove at Mizell-Johnson State Park (John U. Lloyd SP) Broward Co.

Found at 08:26 this morning on the Barrier Island Nature Trail. Flew up off the trail and landed on a branch for a few seconds before flying deeper into the hammock. Probably the same bird flushed from last part of the trail near the exit point (where it meets the boardwalk). Probably an immature bird. Photographed.

Directions: From the park entrance drive north and enter the first parking lot on the right. Drive to the north end of the parking lot where the Barrier Island Nature Trail starts. The Trail has an inner loop and an outer loop, the bird was only observed on the inner loop section today. The first observation was made at a spot located about 30 yards into the trail from the parking lot. It is marked by a 'Strangler Fig' interpretive sign on the right side of the path. The second observation was made just before the inner loop section ends and meets the boardwalk leading to the beach.


John curlew
7 months ago

No luck this AM 10-12 walked trail twice

John Curlew
7 months ago

Having missed the bird at Lantana and Mizell is there any reliable location in south Florida / Keys to find it? I don’t see many ebird posts for the bird. Thanks

Jay Keller
7 months ago

They are just rare and really hard to find even if they are there. Coastal hammocks seem best. Here are prior observations mentioned on this site:

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