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Leucistic Cardinal at Matheson Hammock Park

There's a really cool-looking leucistic female Northern Cardinal in Matheson Hammock Park. To find it, you'll need to walk the trail that links Banyan Drive to an unnamed paved road on the West side of Matheson Hammock Park that locals have usurped as an unofficial dog park. I don't know how else to describe this trail, so please check the link for the GPS coordinates, which will be much more helpful. The bird routinely likes to feed on an octopus tree in the park that is right next to a white house with many roofs, making it look like many houses. The house has many trees in its backyard, including a large one full of yellow flowers that are currently blooming. This cardinal likes to spend time in these trees as well, but flies into the park extremely often. Check the link for the interesting pied complexion of this individual.


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