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Loggerhead Kingbird - Bill Baggs

A loggerhead kingbird was found by Eva Matthews and I on the nature trail. It is currently flycatching across both sides of the trail about 250 gynecologist from the entrance at the beach parking lot. Large bill, yellow vent, undertail coverts more extensive than Eastern. Making its way further up trail now. Photos to come.


Andy Lantz
10 months ago

Correction- “feet” not “gynecologist”. Errr autocorrect. And it’s now moved more than 400 feet from the trailhead.

10 months ago

Thanks for the correction. I was worried since I've never seen more than 100 gynecologists on that trail at any one time.

Paddy Cunningham
10 months ago

Looking for the bird, not an exam.

Robin Diaz
10 months ago

Congratulations, Eva and Andy! We love it when you visit South Florida. Seriously, we miss you all. Your photos are great and very diagnostic.

Kathryn Hayes
10 months ago

Toe, you should go to an American Congress of OBGYN meeting. There will be over 250 gynecologists there, but they would form a trail only for free food, not for a loggerhead kingbird. I should know. I'm one. A gynecologist. Not a loggerhead kingbird.

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