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LOGGERHEAD KINGBIRD Continues - Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Miami-Dade County - 1/1/2018

Hi All,

A quick note as Trey McCuen and I head north this morning after successful LOGGERHEAD KINGBIRD chase which started on New Year's Eve in metro Atlanta.

To make a quick story of it 10-20 birders gathered this morning to look for the kingbird, after trying for a good while without success, some exchanged phone numbers and fanned out along the nature trail. It wasn't but a few minutes and the bird was found, calls were made, and I think just about everyone got to see and hear the bird! What a fantastic way to start a new birding year!

The eBird checklist with times, location, and more details:

Happy New Year and Good Birding All!


Mark McShane
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

eBird checklist with coordinates and details


Bob French
7 months ago

Not that the 2nd day of 2018 was a nice day for birding, but did anyone try, successfully or not, today?

Travis Young
6 months ago

Nothing on eBird since 1/1/18. Any body been looking?

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