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Long Pine Key CBC

With perfect weather and fantastic participants, we conducted the Long Pine Key CBC yesterday. Continuing high water levels prohibited access to some locations but these conditions also produced good duck, rail and shorebird species. There were no true surprises, though a Magnificent Frigatebird over Research Road seemed out of place. The continuing Brown-crested Flycatcher cooperated. Eighteen warbler species were counted, including Louisiana Waterthrush. Swallows included Tree, Barn, Northern Rough-winged and Cave. The Nashville Warbler was a no-show but a Yellow-breasted Chat was at its usual location. Lincoln's Sparrow is always nice but four were a nice surprise.

We tallied 120 species, with 1 subspecies. There are a couple of more days for Count Week birds so if you're birding ENP and come across something interesting, please let us know. We missed European Starling!

It was a fun and memorable day. MANY THANKS TO ALL YOU TERRIFIC BIRDERS! You're the best.


12 months ago

Did you see any nuthatchs? Thx

Robin M Diaz
12 months ago

We tallied 18 Brown-headed Nuthatches. They seem to be doing well with a stable population in the pinelands area.

Juan Valadez
12 months ago

What a terrific tally! Huge congrats. Which rails did you see and where?

12 months ago

Thanks, Juan! King Rails were all over Hole-in-Donut and many can be heard from Research Road. They were near Paurotis Pond also. Two Virginia Rails were in the marsh behind the Nike Missile bunkers and one was around Paurotis Pond. The Clapper Rail was around Paurotis Pond, where this species has been tallied on the CBC in recent years. Perhaps the brackish area nearby is filling in more.

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