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Louisiana Waterthrush photo

Joe - There's still time for Louisiana Waterthrush in South Florida so don't give up! Attached is a Louisiana photo to compare field marks with Northern. Note the large bill, blurry streaking, lighter brown on upperparts, bright white, flared supercilium and peach flanks. Overall it's a more robust bird than Northern but this is tough to see unless birds are side-by-side.

(Sorry for the separate post but it's impossible to add a photo to an ongoing thread.)

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Rock Jetty
about 1 year ago

There was one in A.D. Barnes yesterday, by the learning center area (the buildings across from the softball field). I haven't had the chance to submit an eBird report for that day.

Also, I saw the group of men (more than a dozen I think) that apparently meet on Sunday mornings, by the canal, with caged songbirds. I heard what I believe was, at least one, Cuban grassquit - had to look it up on Xeno-Canto when I got home. There were other songs which I did not recognize.

Joe had mentioned this type of gathering to me a few weeks ago.



about 1 year ago

Rock--They meet regularly there and there are a lot of Cuban Bullfinches, Cuban grassquits, some Vermillion Cardinals, fire finches, and more. There were recently several arrests associated with smuggling these birds from Cuba. The incident that led to these arrests, fines, and general mayhem involved over 80 birds escaping just along the perimeter of the airport.....most were re-captured, but a number got out. Almost all of the birds were banded and, at least a couple weeks ago, a few Cuban grassquits and at least one banded Vermillion Cardinal were loose and seen near the airport side of Miami Springs. So.....if anyone wants to pad their lists there are likely still a few new and interesting things to see in Miami Springs.

Joseph Montes de Oca
about 1 year ago

@Robin, thanks for the marks. @Rock Jetty I was considering going to Barnes yesterday to look for warblers and didn't get the chance in the end. I've been checking e-bird for Barnes and it hadn't gotten a visit in a while (last one shows as August 11th by Miriam) so it's good to hear somebody checked on it and found a nice migrant.

Carlos Jose Sanchez
about 1 year ago


Matheson Hammock is often a good place to look for Louisiana Waterthrush as well. They are often on the service road on the west side of Old Cutler Road first thing in the morning. It is also a good place to look out for both Swainson's and Kentucky Warbler.

I have also seen Louisiana Waterthrush in the mangroves across from the Matheson Marina. If all else fails, there is usually at least one hanging around somewhere in the winter.

It's a great bird.

Good luck!


Joseph Montes de Oca
about 1 year ago

Thanks Carlos! I've been meaning to bird Matheson more often and will give it a visit within the next week. Fall migration is so exciting!!

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