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Need bird ID

Had a new bird show up in the yard today. It looks like a type of sparrow, but not a house sparrow. It was traveling alone, and larger than a bunting, but smaller than a cardinal. It has two distinct broad brown streaks on the top of the head with a buff stripe in between; dark brown or black line behind the eyes. The underside - chin, chest, belly is buff colored and white wing bars. It was eating black oil sun flower seeds. Any ideas? I have some pics, but don't know how/where to upload them.


12 months ago

Answering my own question: pretty sure it is an immature white crowned sparrow.

Stephen Paez
12 months ago

Also look up Rose-breasted Grosbeak (female or imm male)

11 months ago

Hi Stephen. I thought at first it might be a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, until I saw the pics of the female white crowned sparrow. I'm pretty sure that is what it was, right down to the description of the beak.

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