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Need Help with ID

I was at Paurotis Pond this morning, at approximately 8:30, looking to photograph a bird I had seen yesterday but had not been able to ID as it flew into the bushes before I could photograph it. I thought I had seen a black-whiskered vireo. When I use the Merlin photo ID it suggests today's bird photo is of a Worm-eating warbler. Can anyone verify the ID for me? Thank you.


Brian Rapoza
6 months ago

Definitely a Worm-eating Warbler. Nice photo!

6 months ago

Thank you Brian!!! For the ID help and your kind words about the photo My first worm-eating warbler, I’m so excited!
I park the car and use it as. ‘blind’, too bad it doesn’t help to keep the mosquitoes and flies at bay.

Eric King
5 months ago

We had one of these at Castellow Hammock today. Unmistakable. Also my first and very exciting!

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