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Neotropic Cormorant

A Neotropic Cormorant was present at Wakodahatchee Wetlands on the morning of Jan. 4. It was in the usual location, on a tree island to the left of the "T" in the boardwalk.


Brian Rapoza
17 days ago

Thanks, Jim. I've included this sighting in my South Florida Rare Bird Update ( Even though eBird no longer considers this species to be rare in Palm Peach County, I still consider it to be a rare bird in south Florida as a whole. Since this species no longer appears on eBird's Palm Beach County Rare Bird Alert, it's become slightly more labor-intensive for me to learn when it's been reported in that county.

Justin Miller
16 days ago

In case you need any documented confirmation of its presence, I took this photo of it coming in for a landing on 12/19/20:

Justin Miller
16 days ago

I see there's a link to a photo from eBird in your rare bird update - sorry, I hadn't noticed that when I posted.

Jim Duquesnel
7 days ago

Neotropical Cormorant nesting at Wamodahatchee on December 17, 2014:

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