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Neotropic Cormorant

At least two Neotropic Cormorants were present at Wakodahatchee Wetlands this morning. The birds were in the usual location, on a tree island left of the T-intersection of the boardwalk.


6 months ago

At least 0 Neotropic Cormorants have been documented in Miami-Dade County ever. When is this species going to be found here? I've looked at 1,000s of cormorants over the years. Yes, they were all Double-crested!

Brian Rapoza
6 months ago

Neotropic Cormorant is now considered so un-newsworthy in Palm Beach County that sightings no longer appear on the county's eBird Rare Bird Alert!

Joe Barros
6 months ago

Kevin S reminisces of the time that he was exiting the Palmetto at Coral Way and saw a Neo-tropical Cormorant in the pond. We will have to let him add the details.

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