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Anyone seen/heard a nighthawk yet?


16 days ago

A couple heard. Should have been here in good numbers since April.

Greg Jones
16 days ago

I haven't had any in the urban areas this year but last Friday between the Snake Rd exit off Alligator Alley and Clewiston they were everywhere. We saw at least 60. There were some in the agricultural areas in western Palm Beach County as well.

Bill Boeringer
15 days ago

There are always a few around the agricultural fields in west Kendall, have been around since the second week of April

David S Hall
14 days ago

I saw at least six different birds while walking in Fran Reich Preserve, on Loxahatchee road, yesterday. One group of three Flying together and others as singles walked up on birds on the ground numerous time. Took lots of pictures!

14 days ago

I used to hear and see them over the Publix shopping center on US-1 and 184 St., but not in recent years. Haven't had any over my house either in a while.

13 days ago

They are still consistently heard on Key Biscayne - at least 1-2 daily.

Jay Keller
13 days ago

One just flew over my yard in West Boca. They seem to be fairly regular here, with one heard about every other evening. I'm not too far from Fran Reich Preserve.

I did also incredibly had a vocal Antillean fly-over a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately I could not get to my phone in time to record it, so that's that.

There were several day-flying two Saturdays ago at the Hammocks where the Zenaida Dove is being seen.

2 days ago

There is a recent discussion thread on Birdbrains about the observed decline of nighthawks in the state, with many birders chiming in. Some statistics as well, with someone stating that Common Nighthawk numbers have been declining in Florida at a rate of 5% per year, mostly due to crashes in populations of certain insects.

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