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Olive-sided Flycatcher continues

After dipping on this bird twice (!) yesterday, it was an easy find today. The OSFL was located east of the parking lot at the northern end of the park. The bird was actively feeding to the east of the fence and repeatedly perching on a bare branch. It was still there when I left around 1:15 p.m.


Brian Rapoza
12 days ago

Persistence pays off. Way to go, Jim!

Jeanne Kaufman
8 days ago

So glad you got to see it! You pulled out of the parking lot on to Flagler just as I got a text. I almost didn't look at it as I was also about to pull out of the parking lot behind you, but I got a feeling it was Roxanne. Didn't I say that as soon as I leave the bird will show up!? lol Sure enough, Roxanne texted to say "The bird just showed up!" I was able to quickly back up the car and race back out to the area! We tried to get in touch with you, but you were already too far away to return. I'm happy we were both fortunate to see that sweet bird. It was a pleasure to see you, too. Take care, and hope to see you again soon. Best, Jeanne

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