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Pelagics trip report, 9/24

Headed out with extremely calm seas, which is usually bad for pelagics off our coast. When I got out there, I encountered no current even out to very deep water. Also bad for pelagics. But, despite the condition we managed a very respectable list. Started off with a Long-tailed Jaeger in only 150' of water. That's always a good way to start. Here's the list:

Cory's Shearwater - 30
Brown Booby - 28
Red-necked Phalarope - 6
Long-tailed Jaeger - 1
Pomarine Jaeger - 4
Parasitic Jaeger - 1
Brown Noddy - 1
Sooty Tern - 2
Bridled Tern - 6
Common Tern - 2

Pelagic Photos


Kurt d.
about 1 year ago

Nice little sunfish. Never seen one of those.

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