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Purple Martins?

Does anyone by chance know of any Purple Martins still around, besides what is on eBird?


Rangel Diaz
about 1 year ago

I have seen several flying south over the last few days but not sure if they are still hanging around their communal nesting sites. Miami Lakes used to have huge staging ground for migration. This may be a good place to look first.


about 1 year ago

How would I find this Miami Lakes area you mention, if I wanted to take a peek? We have several ready for release at SFWC and are hoping to find a group of others they can join up with.

Robin Diaz
about 1 year ago

A good place to start looking for this year's late-summer roost is just north of 826 (Palmetto Expressway) around NW 67 Avenue. The roost site may change slightly but look for a large flock of martins around dusk.

Good luck!

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