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Red-legged Thrush continues

The Red-legged Thrush was seen again this morning at South Pointe Park. There is a large mound at the east end of the park. North of the mound is a long beige service building with metal bay doors. There is a Coke machine at the east end of this building. The thrush was gathering nesting material from the bare ground in this area. The bird was viewed as recently as 9:45 a.m. It is the appropriate (black-throated) subspecies, so I am hoping for 'countability'.


Nancy Freedman
5 months ago

Friday, June 28 - got there at 6:30 am. The bird made its third appearance of the morning at 6:45, still collecting nesting materials. Stayed out for at least 10 mins. then flew back into the middle of the sea grapes near the aforementioned coke machine. Brian's directions are spot on. Get there early to beat the traffic tie up on Alton Road.

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