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Referral for Miami-Dade Parakeet Identification

I'm from Central Florida, and whenever I make trips to the Miami-Dade area, hunt for parakeets. My problem is I have a heck of a time distinguishing them, in particular the red-faced parakeets (i.e. Mitred, Scarlet-fronted, Crimson-fronted).
So my question is can anyone refer me to someone who can help me I.D. the different parakeets by attaching pics to an email? Who is the "resident parakeet expert" for S. Florida?


Brian Rapoza
10 months ago

Go to and scroll down to Paul Bithorn. Click on his name to access his email address.

Musa Awan
10 months ago

Thanks! I think I've conversed with him on FB before. Friendly chap.

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