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RFI: Birding around the Biltmore Country Club

Hi all,

I'm working on figuring out stops for exotics when I'm in Miami briefly this weekend. Can anyone provide instruction for how to bird the Biltmore property and where to look for parakeets? It doesn't necessarily look like a place that would be birder friendly.

Also, is the Ocean Bank area no longer reliable for WW Parakeet?


Nick Pederson
Albuquerque, NM


Luis A Gonzalez
about 1 month ago

Biltmore is best early morning or late afternoon, the main parking lot can hold flocks of Red-masked and Mitred Parakeets with other parakeet species and parrots that can be found there from time to time.

Ocean Bank wasn't giving out any White-winged Parakeets during the Exotics Trip due to the palms being trimmed recently.

If you want to aim for exotics, you will have a better chance going around Matheson Hammock and Fairchild Botnical Garden for both macaw species, Orange-winged Parrot, Common Hill Myna and Yellow-chevroned Parakeet. Along with a stop on either Miller Roost Drive (eBird hotspot) or a drive around the Miami Beach/Crandon Park for Red-masked, White-eyed and other species of Parakeets.

Nicholas Pederson
30 days ago

Hi Luis,

Thanks for the reply. Matheson and Fairchild are definitely on the list. Any idea how the Kendall Baptist Hospital is for parakeets lately? I’d like to get WWPA but they seem the most infrequent of them all.



Luis A Gonzalez
30 days ago

Kendall Baptist Hospital has been a sort of miss in the recent years for parakeets, unless you want Mitred or Monk Parakeets, almost no parakeets is reported in the area. However in the neighborhood opposite of the hospital there have been sightings of Red-whiskered Bulbuls.

White-winged have been a miss for me too and not having a reliable spot for them doesn't help when most of the spots they were previously reported at are currently mostly taken over by Yellow-chevroned. There have been some reports of them from the Biltmore Hotel, but those are unpredictable flyovers.

I recommend using eBird to lock down on the most recent and confirmed sightings.

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